Thursday, November 16, 2017


Apart from what is special about this face; the perfect skin, the high cheekbones, the piercing gaze - that all make it a killer 'model face' is the person behind those eyes. Behind those eyes is a man who is a risk-taker but tempered by wisdom; a man who loves his family and friends and someone who makes your life just that perfect amount of shades brighter; just by being a part of it- to know REMI is to know one of the youngest 'old souls' you'll ever meet- fun without being juvenile and wise without being archaic. Adding just the right amount of 'magic' whether on the catlwalk; on a billboard; in a magazine; or simply in our lives; Remi The Magician is at it again...
On this your birthday- as each birthday since we've met you we want to let you and the world know what an honour it is to know you; to work with you; to represent you as both an Agent and Friend; HAPPY BIRTHDAY REMI ALADE-CHESTER!!!

Model: Remi Alade-Chester
Mother Agency: GADAL Model Management Inc.

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