Monday, October 27, 2014


...and then there was JAMAUL!

Its the sudden-ness of it all that grabs minute the 6' 2" island boy is posting physique images to us here in Barbados at GADAL (and in the background one can see his refrigerator- amateurish one might say- but very authentic).

Six short months later he's preparing to visit his international agency after being offered a contract! 
(keep watching this space and we'll disclose later)

It couldn't get any more real than that!

It's amazing what some pics in the kitchen can do.

Suddenly the images go from amateurish snap-shots in front of the refrigerator to sizzling hot ones as shot by jamaican photography prodigy Wade Rhoden; add the styling of fellow jamaican stylist Michael Atkinson and you have the start of a model career as sudden as a storm at sea.



One moment there was a boy posing in front of the fridge and then...there was JAMAUL.

Model:             Jamaul 
Agency:           GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photographer:  Wade Rhoden  
Stylist:             Michael Atkinson 

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