Saturday, August 9, 2014


Don't be alarmed our 'new face' Jabarry didn't lose his temper or punch anyone out; 

on the contrary Jabarry and freelance model Erika were all smiles as they headed up to the gorgeous roof-deck (complete with pool) of the Ocean 2 Hotel.

The property which overlooks the Barbados south coast and a stretch of unbelievably blue sea was a fitting start for what the aspiring model described as his first "real photoshoot".

The smiles soon changed however; as the pair served-up Bonnie & Clyde faces under the direction of the artistic team. If we didn't know better; we'd think the real gangster couple had come for a vacation!

The 'fierce faces' didn't outshine the beauty of the clothing and accessories provided by Attitude Boutique and Republic 21 however; throw in the magic touch of Danielle Archer of Colour Coded Makeup and gangster never looked so good!  

With resident UK photographer Matthew John on the lens and a clear blue tropical sky; here is just a sneak peek of the images created, not a bad start for the 6' 3" aspiring model. 
Whats happening on your roof?

Models:             Jabarry 
                        and Erika (freelance) 
Agency:            GADAL Model Management Inc.
Clients:            Attitude Boutique and Republic 21
Photographer:   Matthew John   
MUA:                Colour Coded
Stylists:            Danielle Archer and R. Graham Edwards

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