Friday, January 3, 2014


The TRI COLLECTION is a clothing brand and the brain-child of Katrina Brathwaite a student of the London College of Fashion. The college's mission is, "fashion the future". and the 26 year old is certainly doing that.

The name "TRI" is three-fold in origin: 

  1. (1) "TRI" is the shortened version of her name as first bestowed by her friend Damien Reveira at Harrison Collegemost people called her "Kat" for short and he wanted to stand-out from the rest of the pack so called her "Tri"; 
  2. (2) "TRI" (pronounced "tree") is how the fashion designer sees herself; as a symbol of strength with roots that run deep- inspiring others while remaining grounded no matter what life throws her way. 
  3. (3) "TRI" is how bajans (what Barbadians call themselves) pronounce the number three- three biblically is seen as the number of completion, perfection and balance.
Katrina describes herself as, "a proud bajan woman" and draws her inspiration from admiration of the female form; TRI COLLECTION is for confident women only and the designer wants every woman to celebrate her inner Goddess with every stride.


All images were shot on location in BARBADOS.
To place your order for pieces from THE TRI COLLECTION you can contact them at or (246) 235-2709

Models:            Erin and Ramon 
Agency:           GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photographer:  Matt Carr    
MUA:               Helen Headley
Stylist:             R. Graham Edwards

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