Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NAKEEM's time is NOW!

One can be forgiven for seeing a jockey as just, a person who rides horses professionally; after all the horse is the real star...

Until you meet one with skin so perfect that it looks painted; it couldn't really be that flawless could it? 
Teeth and a smile so bright it makes you want to go get laser whitening too; till you discover he's never had it done and only seen a dentist twice in his 21 years of life! Shoulders, that match more perfectly with a suit than a tie does and a gaze more focused than your cat.

One could be forgiven for thinking you'd have to be speaking about a model, not a jockey! That is until you see THIS  face...
The handsome lad has already caught the eyes of the production team at the ever increasingly popular Wardrobe TV Show (watch the episode here) and whether its a suit from Hugo Boss or cruising attire from Cave Shepherd, Nakeem makes it look like a million bucks.
 His calm, composed but steely confidence is tempered by a humility that is by far his most endearing trait. Refreshing in a world where beauty and big egos seem to go hand in hand.

Unafraid of the storms life can bring; Nakeem's grounded demeanor may be attributed to his having to surmount his own share of challenges having lost two siblings (brothers) in tragic circumstances; as a jockey; model and person; getting-up dusting-off and riding again is much more than an empty platitude, its his personal story.

Whatever he does he gives it his all and takes the plunge. 

As for the horse; no one remembers who he is; its the rider that's the star...Jockey or Model all bets are on Nakeem

Cool, charming, confident,  remember the face and reset your watches, he's already ahead of the pack...Nakeem's time is now!

All images shot by British photographer Matt Carr on location in Barbados.

Model:            Nakeem 
Agency:           GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photographer:  Matt Carr    

Stylist:             R. Graham Edwards

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