Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hands On The Wheel: "Shut Up and Drive!"

New Year's is all about 'RESOLUTIONS' right? NOT making mistakes you made in the previous year; being a better person; stopping this; starting that, discarding bad habits and people...

Is it about surviving and discarding the 'wreckage' of the past 12 months, or IS it about DRIVING?

No matter what the 'wreckage' the past has brought, be assured that all your attempts to stop future accidents will be futile unless you focus, not on the wreck but your driving [and we dare say survival] skills. Driving in preparation for an accident usually averts it!

The "wreck" is never the focus of attention for the paramedics- the PEOPLE are; because no matter whose fault it was [including your own] we can ALL emerge winners if we focus [and starting with yourself] on the people. 

Being right is 'the wreck'. Saying, "I'm Sorry" anyway is focusing on 'people'. 
Selfishness is 'the wreck'. Seeing the other person's point-of-view is focusing on 'people'.
Shouting loud is 'the wreck'. Listening is focusing on 'people'.

Accidents are not caused by cars, but by the people driving them. No matter how great or faulty the car, it's 'saving' the people in it and not focusing on the situation that is most important.

The road of life in 2012 will be filled with pot-holes, smooth bits; challenges; joys; great people and people who sometimes act like they own the road and there WILL be crashes and clashes. Rather than resolving to be 'the perfect driver' avoiding all accidents [and people in the process] focus on driving in a way that PRESERVES life - even if [when] crashes happen. 

Relationships aren't meant to be a series of disastrous accidents. Life is about enjoying the ride and surviving the bumps. Character isn't built by a perfect record, it's what you do when you are not perfect- when you crash!

So don't just resolve with YOU in mind; watch how what you do affects others and find-out what might be affecting them - seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

Because sometimes; something beautiful can emerge from a wreck.

In short, "Shut-up and drive!"

Model:                      Danielle Forde
Agency:                    GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photographer:          Jaryd Niles-Morris
Clothing Designer:     Kesia Estwick
MUA:                        Colour Coded

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  1. BOOM. Love the message - and the model :)

    Great job Graham :)

    Oh and by the way, I nominated you for a blog award on my blog. Check it out!


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