Monday, November 21, 2011

Modelling 101: Water

In the study of human behaviour, experts have found a curious paradox- the easier the task, the less willing people are to do it because they see it as too 'little' or trivial to achieve the results they want. 

Ask a man to dive into the ocean for treasure and he's all ready but ask him to sane ten dollars a day and the excuses of why he can't save; or was never good at saving or; "what can ten dollars do?" mount-up. 

The irony is, that that ten dollars after a year becomes $3,650.00 and in ten years becomes $36, 500.00 a guaranteed treasure.

Add to this paradox the desire for instant gratification; where everyone wants results NOW and an unwillingness to stick with anything for the long-term and the picture becomes even more vivid as to why many fail to achieve their goals. 

Success is much less about 'luck' and much more about preparation and consistency; and finally, as a mentor would say "Doing it, is doing it" - no amount of TALK about doing it will achieve anything- ONLY DOING.

So when a model asks, "What do I need to do?" I'm reluctant to answer; but still do and watch as their face turns to disappointment when I say, "Start by drinking more water" [3litres a day actually]. The look is usually, "Did he hear what I asked; I asked for the secret- not some crappy answer!"

The benefits of drinking adequate amounts of water are so numerous that an entire blog could be devoted to that topic and still wouldn't be exhaustive.

The benefits include but are certainly not limited to:

Hydrating your body and helping your vital organs to work better [consider that over 70% of your body and 90% of your brain consist of water].

Flushing your body [especially skin] of toxins- a healthy inside makes a beautiful outside.

Speeds-up your recovery time from injuries [and in the gym] helping the body repair itself faster.

Helps you sleep better [sleep is essential for muscle repair and growth after exercise] and makes you feel more rested.

Boosts your immune system [less down-time from illness and disease].

The more water you drink the harder your body works to flush it out which is great news for female models worried about 'weight' and bloating when their menstrual cycle starts.

Perhaps the best part about water, for most of us- unlike protein powder, gym membership and training is FREE! 

So before you look for that latest exercise gadget, head to the gym or look for the newest exercise regime. Try the TAP and wipe that look of disappointment off your face.

MAMMOTH RESULTS require MAMMOTH EFFORT...sometimes, starting with a simple glass of water!

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