Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kemar Raises the Bar!

As if being a multi-medalled track-star; junior world-ranked high-jumper and academically astute weren't enough; Kemar Jones has added Modelling to the ever growing list of things he's good at and begun his walk down the catwalk to fame.
The latest GADAL Model has started  his Model debut with photographer Adrian Richards. Here is a sneak-peek at some of his first images ever!
Black v-neck shirt (model's own), black leatherette pants (by Alexis Campbell) black shoes and bag (Stylist).

With a boy-ish charm and endearing smile Kemar can be 'the boy next-door' and in a moment and debonair and sophisticated the next.

Here is Kemar in typical 'skater-boy' attire. Printed pants (Stylist), black 'snap-back' cap and white vans (model's own). Styled by Adrian Richards.

Gadal Model Management Inc. has signed a number of models and placed them successfully internationally with Agencies abroad.
Black leatherette pants and 'scaled' sleeve (Alexis Campbell), aviators (Stylist)

We anticipate that Kemar will join that list if his enthusiasm and willingness to learn are anything to judge by!
Model:            Kemar Jones
Agency:          GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photography:  Adrian Richards
Clothing:        Alexis Campbell & Stylist
Styling:           Adrian Richards

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