Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Bjorne Identity! Feel your pulse, are YOU ready?

Innocent, simple and unassuming...words that can easily be used to describe the young boy in the image below; that is, unless you are an Agent. It takes a real eye to see the smoldering potential of such an "unassuming" face and a good photographer like Eustace Dyer to capture what an Agent sees in his head and unveil that to the world. Its the kind of capture that changes what everyone sees at first glance from this...
Into this!

With an intense gaze and amazing symmetry and a gleam of genius in his eyes- Bjorne is the embodiment of what happens when a model comes under the gaze of GADAL. The 'new face' hails from the sister island of Trinidad and is just one of many of the next 'freshmen class' of GADAL Model Management Inc.
At just 16 years old we see a star in the making; if you think differently just look into those eyes- this ship is ready to sail! See more photos here.

Model:             Bjorne
Agency:           GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photography:   Eustace Dyer

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