Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The GADAL Danish Connection...

GADAL Models+Danish Photographer+ Rubberduck (Danish Brand) =????

Tell me kids? What's the answer? Take a look and determine for yourself; whatever the answer is it sure looks like fun!

Whether it's 'rabbit ears' made of shoes or frolicking in euphoria there's nothing like a a great pair from Rubberduck to make life that much more fun!!!

Here Victoria turns from model into Sandal-wearing Kung-Fu Beach Godess (or whatever floats your boat!)

Our very own Erin and Victoria had a blast recently when Rubberduck sent Danish Photographer Oliver all the way to Barbados to shoot their stuff and have some fun in the sun.  Judging from the images they certainly had a blast!!!

Victoria in her element and wearing her signature beautiful smile.

Something tells us, Erin was behind these two shots...what do you think?

If it's fun you want Barbados is certainly the place...just ask Rihanna. Oliver said in his strong danish accent- "The shoot went beyond well! The girls were great!"

See the GADAL facebook page for the final selected images in the photo album.

Models:                Erin and Victoria 
Photographer:       Oliver Stalmans
Footwear:             Rubberduck

1 comment:

  1. Lovely shots! IF I wasn't living here already, I'd definitely want to come to Barbados for Victoria's smile alone :)

    All the shots scream FUN!!!!!!!! Well done!


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