Monday, 20 September 2010

Two words: Thank You!

One of the ways that we can build better relationships in any sphere Fashion Included is very simple, as simple as two words: "THANK YOU!"

Since I'm going to be ranting more often- I'd like to start with "The Man In The Mirror" and lead by example by engaging the two simple words that we all sometimes forget to say, not just at the point when someone does something, but afterwards to let the person know that we REMEMBER their efforts and what it meant to us.

So every other post I will be putting up post to highlight some great people (3)who have done things that I can appreciate both when they did it and now.

I'd really like to thank the following people:

Carl Blenman of Studio Studio- Carl has a way of making even the most nervous person feel comfortable about having their photograph taken and he does it so effortlessly it's amazing. When we started I'd send ALL our new faces to him because I knew that HE could calm the nerves and capture that image no matter what. He has always been a good listener and has gone beyond the call of duty to help. To Carl and the entire Studio Studio team thank you!

Catherine Rocheford- Catherine is known for her GREAT ideas, bubbly personality and sharp no-nonsense tongue. She was our very first Client running a tight ship at BMEX Fashion Show and bringing the Sherbourne Conference Centre- now Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre to a halt with her staging of Manaquins Live! Still very much the "ideas lady" she is a good friend and source of strength the kind of person you want in your corner. To Catherine, thank you!

Katrina Brathwaite- I met this bubbly young lady when she was a student at the Barbados Comminity College in the Fashion Design Associate Degree programme. She was the organizer of a show to highlight young design students at the college called "METAMORPHOSIS". This was one of only two shows I have gone to that started on time! The quality was high and she did this all while she was in her TEENS- I was so impressed! Katrina has been a good friend, sharp designer and now on Team Gadal a good organizer thank God, to make up for my short comings! Smart articulate and well er sexy to boot Katrina is "all that"- To Katrina Thank you!

SEAN shoots with Krisnoff Padua

Gadal's SEAN is already doing damage at his new Agency: No Ties Management in California, shooting recently with photographer Krisnoff Padua. 

Look-out World...something about this kid says THUNDER!


CHARACTER?! In Fashion????

So enough with the photos already; it's time to do away with the "gloss" for a moment, turn off the "lights" and look behind the "glitz" and actually THINK for a moment...

Introspect and hopefully, self-correct.

I've often heard that in this creative sphere we call "Fashion" that there are "norms" that we need to simply accept. Fashion draws creative people- creative people have egos- egos cause drama and those are just "the facts of life" as far as Fashion goes. Is that really so? Does it HAVE to be that way? 

Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

So if we are not ACTIVELY part of the SOLUTION we ARE part of the problem by default. So I have decided to take a personal stand! It might not be a popular stand but it is one that I think if taken by more individuals would make the WORLD a better place- the Fashion World included.

We all know the types- the gossipy, individuals who have nothing good to say about anyone else- people smile in their faces but no one trust them, because they know the moment their back is turned they are next on the menu. 
The make-up artist who brings negative energy to every set because their make-up is better and everyone else's is crap. Wouldn't others have to START somewhere? The photographer who can't understand why a Model would shoot with so and so, because clearly their technique is better, not to mention lighting and equipment and everyone is stealing their ideas anyway. The Agent who relishes in devising unique and ingenious ways to corner and steal another Agent's Models because clearly so and so is no good and "can do nothing for you." The Models who no matter how much you tell them to do things to benefit THEIR own career, do what they want and then come to you saying "they (present or former Agency) aren't pushing me enough", "I'm not their favorite". Or the ones who will take...and take...and take the best of your dedication and effort and then move on to another brand name Agency discarding concepts of loyalty as silly- "I'm just doing what's best for my career!" The Designers who will do a fashion show and budget enough money to pay everyone...except the Models...weeks, months even years later.

The fake smiles and not-so-well hidden daggers; agendas and motives. That's just how it is right? WRONG!

When we REFUSE to do anything about such behaviour, when we engage in backstabbing or fool ourselves into believing that we are 'innocent' because we are "just listening", when we endure the fake kisses and smiles just to "not rock the boat", and give them in return, when we  do this we are ACTIVELY HELPING to ALLOW, MAKE and CREATE Fashion into a cesspool of - dishonesty, deceit , disunity, predatory behaviour and ultimately discredit. Is this the fashion legacy we want to leave?

So I REFUSE to do nothing, I REFUSE to entertain and nurture such by my OWN behaviour or tolerate it in others. I REFUSE to engage with what Fashion needs the least of. The United States took a stance by indicating their policy clearly, "...we will NOT negotiate with terrorist!" By taking such a stand some casualties are borne, but the message sent allows all other terrorist to know that they are wasting their time and as a result many more lives are actually saved.

If integrity is to stand there comes a point where we have to tell a person, "thank you so much, but no thank you."  We'd love the money but not at the price of putting up with a faulty character. If you stand for nothing you fall for everything.

I REFUSE to work with anyone that displays the character cancer that we have too easily just accepted. Steal models? No need to work with you again. Cant keep anything in confidence? You don't have to be told anything. Owe models money, find others to work with. Gossip constantly? Prepared to be one trusts you anyway. Prey sexually on models? Let's confront such behaviour. Have no gratitude for your Agency? Give it some time...karma is a bitch!

I can't change anyone but ME so like the greatest entertainer and fashionista of our time; Michael, "I'm starting with the man in the mirror." I will  NOT engage terrorist.  Terrorist who would, if we let them, hold this beautiful thing we call Fashion to ransom.

Pundits may see my stand as idealistic and even unrealistic, but one of the greatest gifts mankind has is to determine and create his reality- after all, isn't this what Fashion IS about? Making people think...Creating something better...

THINK for a moment about a Fashion World where smiles are GENUINE, gossip is replaced by DIALOGUE, competition by SYNERGY, distrust by UNITY...doesn't that sound like a GREAT place to work?

It might not be a popular stand...but it is mine!

Character?! In Fashion?!! Doable? VERY!!!

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

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