Thursday, March 26, 2015


Wishing our boy Mervyn a terrific birthday!!!

Have a BLAST and celebrate in true Caribbean style!

Model:                     MERVYN
Agency:                   GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photography:           Eustace Dyer Photography

Monday, February 23, 2015


Look who is turning the ripe old age of 20 today!

Wishing you MUCH SUCCESS and more of the good news you have been getting recently in your model career!

Model:                     DARIAN
Agency:                   GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photographer:          Kris and Erik

Sunday, January 25, 2015

REMI shoots for NIKE for Black History Month

As part of its celebration of Black History Month, NIKE has created a limited edition of shoes, socks, shorts, shirts and hats to honour the athletes and coaches of colour who have impacted positively on the sport. Here is Remi shot by JUCO for the campaign.

This year, the honorees are Theotis Beasley (skateboard), Kevin-Prince Boateng (soccer), Jerry Rice (football), Brianna Rollins (track & field), C. Vivian Stringer (basketball) and John Thompson (basketball).
A portion of the proceeds will go to organizations that cater to underprivileged youth through sports.

Model:                     Remi Alade-Chester
Agencies:                 GADAL Model Management Inc.
                               VISION LA
Client:                     NIKE
Photographer:          JUCO

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Wishing Kenroy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and lots of success in 2015 from all of us here in Barbados at GADAL Model Management Inc.

Model:                    KENROY
Agency:                  GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photographer:         Wade Rhoden 
Stylist:                    Michael Atkinson

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Always willing to be bold and try new weird and interesting concepts the team at GADAL linked with our friends Mitch and Frank of Select Nishikigoi Caribbean for take one of "Swimming With The Fishes!"

Straight from a previous shoot at 5am that morning Danielle and newbie model Tremaine took to the water - James of Pin Point Photography was on lens; our friends at Republic 21 supplied the swimwear and kimono; Kwame of Idea Manifest worked on post production and here is a sneak-peek of the images produced.

With fish ranging in price from USD$ 100 to USD $48, 000 Select Nishikigoi Caribbean is the top of the food-chain when it comes to select koi; add a kimono, swimsuit, swim trunks, faux diamond bracelet from Republic 21, Armani sunglasses and  some select models into the mix and you're literally swimming with the money.

'Take Two' will blow things...well; clear out of the water!

Models:                   DANIELLE and TREMAINE
Agency:                  GADAL Model Management Inc.
Location:                Select Nishikigoi Caribbean (Barbados)
Photo Concept:       Graham Edwards
Photographer:         JAMES CLARKE of Pin Point Photography 
Post Production:      IDEA MAINIFEST

Sunday, December 28, 2014

ALEX for "Samsung Level- The Reviews" Web Campaign

Since we've signed ALEX to his agency in South Africa (Twenty Management) he hasn't wasted any time in working hard; here he is rocking in his headphones for the latest Samsung Web Campaign...

GADAL Models are everywhere baby!

Model:              Alex Blair 
Client:              Samsung 
Agency:            GADAL Model Management Inc.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Introducing MARC-LEE

GADAL's newest model Marc-Lee has certainly started with a bang!

Straight out of the starting blocks and onto the cover of the much anticipated second book of erotic poet Robert Gibson: SEDUCTION

Robert Gibson aka 'Passion Poet' as he is affectionately known was born in Barbados and is considered to be the 'ZANE' of the Caribbean poetry world. 
His first book EROTIC being a sold-out success!

His second highly anticipated book is expected to be the 'climax' to his first one and he enlisted the help of GADAL Model Management Inc. to make the cover as hot as the inside. 

While we can't let the cat out of the bag before the official book launch we can give you a sneak peek...

With a great team of creatives behind the book: James Clarke of Pin Point Photography and cover design by Idea Manifest we are sure that Marc-Lee will soon be in your hands...because; who could ever leave him on the shelf?

Model:                    MARC-LEE 
Agency:                  GADAL Model Management Inc.
Author:                   Robert R. Gibson
Photographer:         JAMES CLARKE of Pin Point Photography 
Graphic Designers:  IDEA MAINIFEST

Monday, October 27, 2014


...and then there was JAMAUL!

Its the sudden-ness of it all that grabs minute the 6' 2" island boy is posting physique images to us here in Barbados at GADAL (and in the background one can see his refrigerator- amateurish one might say- but very authentic).

Six short months later he's preparing to visit his international agency after being offered a contract! 
(keep watching this space and we'll disclose later)

It couldn't get any more real than that!

It's amazing what some pics in the kitchen can do.

Suddenly the images go from amateurish snap-shots in front of the refrigerator to sizzling hot ones as shot by jamaican photography prodigy Wade Rhoden; add the styling of fellow jamaican stylist Michael Atkinson and you have the start of a model career as sudden as a storm at sea.



One moment there was a boy posing in front of the fridge and then...there was JAMAUL.

Model:             Jamaul 
Agency:           GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photographer:  Wade Rhoden  
Stylist:             Michael Atkinson 

Saturday, October 25, 2014


GADAL welcomes 'new face' Tremaine  Edwards to the fold! 

Looking forward to great things from the 6' 2" gladiator.

Model:            Tremaine 
Agency:          GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photographer: Rad Benn

Sunday, October 5, 2014


GADAL Model Management Inc. takes this opportunity to wish ALEX BLAIR a terrific birthday!!!

We know he is having a BLAST!!! ...we just hope ,the hangover isn't too bad...

Model:              Alex Blair  
Agency:            GADAL Model Management Inc.
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