Sunday, October 5, 2014


GADAL Model Management Inc. takes this opportunity to wish ALEX BLAIR a terrific birthday!!!

We know he is having a BLAST!!! ...we just hope ,the hangover isn't too bad...

Model:              Alex Blair  
Agency:            GADAL Model Management Inc.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


GADAL Model Management Inc. takes this opportunity to wish the gorgeous Barbadian bombshell beauty that is  ERIN 'Afana' GRIFFITH a wonderful birthday!!!

A wonderful Birthday for an equally wonderful person!!! Have a BLAST Erin!!!

Model:              Erin Griffith  
Agency:            GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photographer:   Matt Carr 
Designer:          Katrina Brathwaite of The TRI Collection

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Christopher, Darian & Ramon shoot for G Caribbean Magazine.

As promised here are some of the highlights of our models in G Caribbean Magazine
Our models; Christopher, Darian and Ramon look debonaire and bring a fresh 'island boy' presence and sophistication to issue one of the 2014 edition of the publication.

Under the theme "Tropical Trends" the spread highlighted Caribbean fashion; from suits to swimwear, in the typical explosion of colour we've come to associate the Caribbean with; but with each individual piece being far from 'typical'.

The Caribbean Man has always looked good; physique, presence and personality; and thanks to the guidance of an increasing number of fashion magazines aimed at and hilighting the talent of caribbean people; the clothes can finally keep up!

Featuring brands like Millhouse; Ecliff Elie and boutiques such as Praxis and shot right here in BARBADOSCaribbean Fashion never looked so good! 

Be sure to get your copy (Issue One  2014) of G Caribbean available at news stands now!

Models:            Christopher, Darian and Ramon  
Agency:            GADAL Model Management Inc.
Client:              G Caribbean Magazine
Photographer:   Adrian Richards  

Friday, September 5, 2014

GADAL welcomes Ronald!

Ronald has a face with an almost perfect line of symmetry

...add to that dark chocolate skin; high cheek-bones; intense eyes and a gorgeous radiant white smile it is no wonder we at GADAL were happy to welcome Ronald.
We see a bright future ahead for Ronald; brace yourself and keep watching this space!

Model:             Ronald 
Agencies:         GADAL Model Management Inc.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

ALEX: Signed, Sealed, Delivered...I'm Yours

Here at GADAL Model Management we enjoy making model dreams come through; 

the latest model to wear the "I'm Signed!" Grin on his face is our very own Alex Blair.

Barely in his 20's himself, Alex (probably due to that amazing smile) was given the nod by the great team at: TWENTY MANAGEMENT.

Scouted by our friend Akin in London; who put him on to us here in Barbados, Alex is set to take Cape Town by storm! 

With a population of approximately 3.74 million, Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city spread below the impressive 3,000ft high Table Mountain and listed as number one in the New York Times list: '52 Places to Go in 2014'!

isiXhosa is one of eleven official languages of South Africa and "Hamba kahle" means "Go well!"

From all of here at GADAL Model Management; Congratulations Alex - Hamba kahle!

Model:             Alex 
Agencies:         GADAL Model Management Inc.
                       Twenty Management

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Don't be alarmed our 'new face' Jabarry didn't lose his temper or punch anyone out; 

on the contrary Jabarry and freelance model Erika were all smiles as they headed up to the gorgeous roof-deck (complete with pool) of the Ocean 2 Hotel.

The property which overlooks the Barbados south coast and a stretch of unbelievably blue sea was a fitting start for what the aspiring model described as his first "real photoshoot".

The smiles soon changed however; as the pair served-up Bonnie & Clyde faces under the direction of the artistic team. If we didn't know better; we'd think the real gangster couple had come for a vacation!

The 'fierce faces' didn't outshine the beauty of the clothing and accessories provided by Attitude Boutique and Republic 21 however; throw in the magic touch of Danielle Archer of Colour Coded Makeup and gangster never looked so good!  

With resident UK photographer Matthew John on the lens and a clear blue tropical sky; here is just a sneak peek of the images created, not a bad start for the 6' 3" aspiring model. 
Whats happening on your roof?

Models:             Jabarry 
                        and Erika (freelance) 
Agency:            GADAL Model Management Inc.
Clients:            Attitude Boutique and Republic 21
Photographer:   Matthew John   
MUA:                Colour Coded
Stylists:            Danielle Archer and R. Graham Edwards

Thursday, February 13, 2014

DANIELLE Paints The Town REDD!

So much we could say; but its best to let the photos do the talking.

Suffice it to say, whenever Danielle does a photo-shoot for any client, she takes no prisoners and the streets run red!

Model:             Danielle 
Agency:           GADAL Model Management Inc.
Client:             REDD Boutiue
Photographer:  Jaryd Niles-Morris   
MUA:                Colour Coded

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Yes he's at it again...

This time, making 'Freezing Your Butt Off'; literally; look cool!

The Ad Campaign is cheeky, controversial and classy, all at the same time- 'R' for REMI, 'R' for RACY...feat your eyes here.
What will Equinox make YOU do?

Model:                   Remi 
Client:                   Equinox
Agency:                 Vision Los Angeles
Mother Agency:      GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photographer:        Robert Wyatt
Stylist:                   Simon Robins
Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Friday, January 3, 2014


The TRI COLLECTION is a clothing brand and the brain-child of Katrina Brathwaite a student of the London College of Fashion. The college's mission is, "fashion the future". and the 26 year old is certainly doing that.

The name "TRI" is three-fold in origin: 

  1. (1) "TRI" is the shortened version of her name as first bestowed by her friend Damien Reveira at Harrison Collegemost people called her "Kat" for short and he wanted to stand-out from the rest of the pack so called her "Tri"; 
  2. (2) "TRI" (pronounced "tree") is how the fashion designer sees herself; as a symbol of strength with roots that run deep- inspiring others while remaining grounded no matter what life throws her way. 
  3. (3) "TRI" is how bajans (what Barbadians call themselves) pronounce the number three- three biblically is seen as the number of completion, perfection and balance.
Katrina describes herself as, "a proud bajan woman" and draws her inspiration from admiration of the female form; TRI COLLECTION is for confident women only and the designer wants every woman to celebrate her inner Goddess with every stride.


All images were shot on location in BARBADOS.
To place your order for pieces from THE TRI COLLECTION you can contact them at or (246) 235-2709

Models:            Erin and Ramon 
Agency:           GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photographer:  Matt Carr    
MUA:               Helen Headley
Stylist:             R. Graham Edwards

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NAKEEM's time is NOW!

One can be forgiven for seeing a jockey as just, a person who rides horses professionally; after all the horse is the real star...

Until you meet one with skin so perfect that it looks painted; it couldn't really be that flawless could it? 
Teeth and a smile so bright it makes you want to go get laser whitening too; till you discover he's never had it done and only seen a dentist twice in his 21 years of life! Shoulders, that match more perfectly with a suit than a tie does and a gaze more focused than your cat.

One could be forgiven for thinking you'd have to be speaking about a model, not a jockey! That is until you see THIS  face...
The handsome lad has already caught the eyes of the production team at the ever increasingly popular Wardrobe TV Show (watch the episode here) and whether its a suit from Hugo Boss or cruising attire from Cave Shepherd, Nakeem makes it look like a million bucks.
 His calm, composed but steely confidence is tempered by a humility that is by far his most endearing trait. Refreshing in a world where beauty and big egos seem to go hand in hand.

Unafraid of the storms life can bring; Nakeem's grounded demeanor may be attributed to his having to surmount his own share of challenges having lost two siblings (brothers) in tragic circumstances; as a jockey; model and person; getting-up dusting-off and riding again is much more than an empty platitude, its his personal story.

Whatever he does he gives it his all and takes the plunge. 

As for the horse; no one remembers who he is; its the rider that's the star...Jockey or Model all bets are on Nakeem

Cool, charming, confident,  remember the face and reset your watches, he's already ahead of the pack...Nakeem's time is now!

All images shot by British photographer Matt Carr on location in Barbados.

Model:            Nakeem 
Agency:           GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photographer:  Matt Carr    

Stylist:             R. Graham Edwards

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