Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who's That Chick?

Danielle is the definition of "sweet". Obviously the product of a 'good up-bringing', she is polite and precise in a way that can only be replicated by 'finishing school'. She attends what has historically been know as the top school in the  island Harrison College; but there is no cockiness about  this lass. Her humility is actually one of her most endearing features..her voice a few octaves above a whisper...

Put a pair of heels, a dress and make-up on however, and she suddenly transforms into a fashion-diva goddess and every inch of her 5' 9" frame commands your attention. 

Her eyes exude a quiet but steely confidence like the 'eye of the storm'

When Barbadian fashion-prodigy and Italian-trained  fashion designer Antonio Cumberbatch; (who is a bombshell in his own right) chose Danielle to shoot for some of his latest pieces in what was her very first photoshoot; we at GADAL were delighted! 

If these images are anything to judge by, we think you will be too!

 Captured by the lens of Michael "Mikey" Rapley each piece is edgy, provocative and a perfect blend of both masculine and feminine elements; contrasting starkly against the beautiful and relaxed backdrop of the sand-dunes and sea-grape undergrowth on the coastline of St. Andrew in the paradise of Barbados.
Make-up was meticulously applied to the model by Colour Coded.

Add to this talent pool the extremely talented Cecil Evans of Caribbean Retouch; the master retoucher himself and you have a spread worthy of the best high-end glossy or flashy online-magazine fashion can throw your way. You know you have model-potential when you can get any one of these people out of their bed; furthermore the entire team!

So who's that chick?

Danielle baby! And she's here to stay!

Model:             Danielle Forde
Agency:           GADAL Model Management Inc.
Photography:   Michael Rapley
Hair:               Natalie Barrow
MUA:               Colour Coded
Retouch:         Cecil Evans of Caribbean Retouch


  1. Wow you look soooo great ! Words alone cannot Describe ! I love these photos! Great job !

  2. Amazing pics Dani you look gorgeous!!! I'm so proud *tear* >.<

  3. Dani you look amazing :D I was blown away you look absolutely stunning >.< I'm so proud *tear*


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