Sunday, April 3, 2011

Erin Interviews with Easy Magazine

Gadal's Erin did an interview with EASY Magazine for the STYLE FILE section of the April 3rd  edition in the Sunday Sun published by the Nation Newspaper (story by Natanga Smith Hurdle).

If you missed your copy of the EASY MAGAZINE don't despair, here are some of the shots from that interview along with some additional shots to feast your eyes on.

Bubbly, Bright, Beautiful; all fitting descriptions for the lovely Erin Griffith, but don't be fooled, there is much more to this 5' 9" barbadian beauty than just another pretty face- with a strong head on her shoulders and a wisdom beyond her years the promising model is also a business-woman at heart trying her hand at everything under the sun including dancing; song-writing; writing movie-scripts, sitcoms, short-stories, books and commercial advertisements. 

Her strong sense of self was nurtured as a child when she; according to her, was more interested in playing with the boys, getting dirty and making mud-pies or being by herself. Certainly not the typical dolls and pretty-princess routine. 

She even tries to convince us that her daily wardrobe decisions revolve more around "if it's clean" and "it doesn't need to be ironed- great!" than what colours go with what or the latest 'must have brand'. Yet for all her self-confessed 'tom-boyishness' Erin can be the girl who knows how to change her own car tyres in one second and the sultry, seductive goddess in the very next breath!

Erin in fact is from a family of beauties; her mother Margaret Bovell being runner-up in Miss Barbados Beauty Pageant in 1985 and who could ever forget when her mom (who took the stage-name "Miss B" sang My Child the song that went all the way to the Pic-O-De-Crop Calypso Finals in 1989 where again, she was runner up and placed a strong second.

We see a future as bright as her smile for this Gadal Model. 

Brains, Beauty and Brawn is the 'Erin Story'...keep watching and stay tuned to this girl, her star has just begun to shine!

Photography: Khalil Goodman
Makeup:        Sherryanne Moore
Clothing:       Cinnamon Boutique

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  1. I read the article ... great work as always :) And Erin is gorgeous... *mesmerized*


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