Tuesday, 28 September 2010

GADAL's SEAN in Dr. Jays Men's Fall Fashions

Fall is upon us and Dr. Jay is to the rescue assisted by another hero...Mr. Sean Robinson himself.

Sean shows you how to dress for Fall and still look as HOTT as Summer!

For everything FALL and beyond visit http://www.drjays.com

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Remi shoots with Darren Tieste for PRESTIGE Hong Kong

You know what they say, "Everything is made in China!" And what better home for the high-end glossy PRESTIGE. Remi is large and in charge as the only black model in the spread.

Here is a sneak peek of what to expect, yes GADAL faces are everywhere baby...even China!

Booked through his LA Agency VISION, you can go to http://www.prestigehongkong.com/fashion/index.html  and see more images of our boy Remi looking hotter than a volcano erupting in summer!  Great job Joe.

More pics of the spread soon!

Everything, and we mean everything is made in China!

BLAST from the PAST...Mario!

My how Mario has grown! 

Not quite the "cute kid" anymore, Gadal's Mario is quite the man...and drumroll...congratulations are in order as he is (yes we are serious) now a daddy himself...more info after you blink...

In this photo, Joel Brooks on lens and Graham Edwards on styling

Another Typical Day in Barbados...

Turquoise and Aqua-marine blue water; Pearl-white sand, on miles and miles of beach, and nothing but Sun, Sun, Sun all day long! Yawn... LOL!

For all of you who have seen the images in magazines for the vacation and tourism Ads- well we LIVE in one of those Ads! 
Now you know why Rihanna (like everything and everyone else in Barbados) is soooooo HOT! 

Subliminal note to Damon, Roman, Gaspard and Emily...you know who you are, and you KNOW you NEED to BE here!

BARBADOS BABY! No place like it.

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